We a have a proven track record in providing excellent returns for our investors. Through innovation and experience, we ensure our investors stay ahead of the market. We have a number of options in property related funding, for those investors looking for short and long term investment.

Types of Funding

War Chest

  • A fund used for the acquisition of land or property to develop
  • Enables us to seize opportunities more quickly, ensuring better value deals.
  • Investment is secured against a portfolio of property

Development Finance

  • Finance used to develop schemes through to completion
  • Allows us to develop out projects as quickly as possible with pre qualified investors for whom this is their normal business. Funds are released over the build period and secured against the property.

Long term investment

  • 5 – 10 year investments in long term projects with high returns in the fast growing retirement village sector.
  • used for specific projects with a structured return secured against that scheme.

There are many great benefits when investing with Barnett Developments

With a proven track record, we offer competitive returns and security on property specific investments.